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Business with SAC

SAC provides ample opportunities to vendors and encourages them to participate and support in payload developments and other related activities of SAC. Vendors experienced in space grade high reliability hardware development and testing, having necessary facilities and manpower skills can partner with SAC. However, SAC can extend necessary support to those, who are not experienced and equipped with space grade high reliability hardware development and testing. SAC can provide short term technical consultancy, training and technology transfer. SAC can also assist the vendor in setting-up SAC certified space grade hardware development infrastructure.

Following is the brief list of areas wherein vendors can partner with SAC:

  • RF and Electronics
    • Design and development of electronic sub-systems of Antenna, RF, Digital, Electro-optical sensor system
    • Design and development of test setup for testing of sub-systems
  • Hi - Rel Electronic Fabrication
    • Bare PCB Fabrication
    • Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC)/MMIC Processing incl. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) device, Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) subsystems, Thin Film Metallisation etc.
    • PCB Wiring and Assembly
  • Mechanical Fabrication
    • Precision machining of components from Al alloy, kovar, invar, magnesium , titanium etc which calls for process like CNC milling , CNC Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), CNC wire EDM, Turning, Drilling etc.
    • CFRP Structures up to 2 meters size of components
    • Rectangular aluminum wave guide for RF and microwave applications
    • Cast Iron Antenna Mould machining (Large size 3 axis CNC Milling)
    • Laser cutting facilities for grid cutting for DGR Antenna
  • Chemical
    • Gold and Silver Plating on aluminum, invar, copper, cover, magnesium etc.
    • Electroless nickel plating on aluminum, invar
    • Black anodizing and chromatising on aluminum
    • Black thermal control coating with high emissivity and solar absorptivity
    • High temperature white thermal control coating for high temperature application with high emissivity and high reflectivity
  • Software
    • Satellite data processing software
    • System simulation software
    • Remote Sensing (RS) & Geographic Information System (GIS) applications software
  • Sub-system testing for space grade qualification
    • Environmental Tests incl. Climatic, Thermovacuum, Vibration
    • Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) / Electromagnetic Conductance (EMC)
    • Antenna Test
    • High Power etc.