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ISRO pursues the indigenisation program for critical components and materials with industry participation to reduce the dependence on import. This effort of indigenisation is being realised with the support of public and private sector industries. The Indian Industry is contributing significantly in the designing, manufacturing & testing of components & materials as well as sub-systems as per ISRO requirements.

Indigenisation activity provides major thrust towards self reliance & increases the confidence on capabilities of Indian industries. Today various components, materials, subsystems etc. which are being manufactured by Indian Industry for ISRO are used in the satellites.

More than 150 types of high reliability electronic components and space grade materials developed and qualified under this programme, are being currently used in various satellite and launch vehicles of ISRO. Broad areas of indigenisation activities include:

  1. Components
    • Temperature controlled crystal oscillator
    • Oven controlled crystal oscillators
    • Crystal filter
    • Resistor network
    • Capacitor feed through filter
    • SFT header
  2. Materials
    • Cable ties and tie mount
    • Solder and Flux
    • Kovar package
    • Super invar
    • Kovar alloy
    • Silvar, Alumina substrate, etc.
  3. Processes
    • ZnO piezoelectric film for BAW devices
    • Black thermal coating (primer & paint )