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Hi-Rel Electronic Fabrication Training

Space Applications Centre (SAC) develops electronic hardware which undergoes temperature cycles, vibration, pyro-shock, radiation the stresses and hardware must be capable enough to perform under these loads as no rework is possible after launch. To achieve the required level of reliability, every aspect of the subsystem - be it system design, discrete devices, raw materials, fabrication aids, tools, machinery, processes and last but not the least - the men working on the setup are required to be well suited to result the warranted product.

SAC provides training on Hi-Rel fabrication as part of capacity building programme. Hi-Rel training for electronic fabrication covers each aspect of theory as well as practical skills required to carry out PCB and MIC related electronic fabrication. Course module is comprehensively designed to elevate the operator skills to newer heights and embeds the skill of ‘Do it right in very first time’. Effective utilisation of tools, reduction in reworks and consumable wastage, close to 100% process yield, practically zero rejection and reliable output are few of the critical benefits of the programme. It is an essential prerequisite to carry out fabrication work intended for our space borne subsystem realisation.

Training is organized based on the company request, fulfilling pre-requisites and selection criteria. Training is provided on a chargeable basis and based on the availability of the resources/facilities. SAC provides Hi-Rel fabrication training in two different areas, namely:

  • PCB Wiring & Assembly
  • MIC Assembly & Packaging (Metallization/Microlithography/MIC Assembly)