Test Facilities

SAC has established excellent environment, electronics and mechanical fabrication facilities for its projects as well as on the need basis for the industry. Apart from these, SAC has also come up with Compact Antenna Test Facility, Environmental Test Facilities, EMI/EMC etc. for qualification and certification of industry products. These facilities are continuously upgraded keeping up with the demand of the technologies being developed at SAC. Following are some of the test facilities:

  • Environmental Test Facility    includes Vibration, Climatic and Thermovacuum
  • Antenna Test Facility    includes Near Field Test Ranging and Compact Antenna Test Facility
  • EMI/EMC Test
  • High Power Test
  • Gold and Silver Plating
  • Radiographic Inspection Test
  • Outgassing Test
  • Particle Impact and Noise Detection (PIND) Test etc.

Disclaimer: SAC can provide testing services on a need basis subject to availability of resources and chargeable basis.

If you have any test requirements or if you want your subsystems to be certified at SAC, kindly fill up the form and email it to "ttid@sac.isro.gov.in"