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Modes of Association

Vendor can opt for the any of the following modes for associating with SAC.

1.    Vendor can go for Technology Transfer

2.    Technical Consultancy

3.    By way of Indigenisation Programme

4.    Registering online as a E - Procurement Vendor and delivering the component

5.    Technology Utilisation whereby use of industry expertise, facilities and infrastructure is done.

             -    Joint Development

             -     Prototype development in SAC and production by Industry

             -     Turnkey Solution i.e. Design, Development, Fabrication, Testing, and Delivery

        -   Fabrication (RF, Electronics, Mechanical, Antenna etc.)  support to SAC through vendors'                     facilities.

             -     Fabrication support through Manpower Deployment

6.    Hi-Rel Training to Industry

7.    Component Testing Support by Industry