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Space Programme

Indian Space programme born in early 1960s, concentrated on achieving self reliance and developing capability to build and launch communication satellites for television broadcast, telecommunications and meteorological applications; remote sensing satellites for management of natural resources; navigation satellites for navigation needs and location based services needs of the country.

SAC designs and develops the transponders for INSAT and GSAT series of communication satellites and the optical and microwave sensors for IRS series of remote sensing satellites. Further, SAC develops the ground transmit/receive systems (earth stations/ ground terminals) and data/image processing systems. SAC is involved into following programmes:

  • INSAT and GSAT programme for telecommunication, television broadcasting, meteorology, developmental education, societal applications such as tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-advisories and similar such services.
  • IRS (Indian Remote Sensing) programme for management of natural resources and various developmental projects across the country using space based imagery.
  • IRNSS Programme
  • Indigenous capability for design and development of satellite and associated technologies for communications, navigation, and remote sensing.

The India space programme is growing bigger day by day both in terms of number of projects and monetary value of projects. In this growth the involvement and contribution of Indian industry, has been significant towards realisation of systems and subsystems required for Indian Space programme and continues to do so. ISRO is continuously striving to increase contribution of Indian industry in Indian space programme and these efforts are showing results.