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Reliability and Quality Assurance

SAC has the mandate in formulation of Quality Systems, procedures and guidelines and ensuring their compliance, for the realization of highly reliable onboard systems for satellite payloads as well as ground based systems. Quality Assurance is a continuous process spread throughout the project life cycle.

The objectives of product assurance programme are:

  • To ensure that each subsystem is designed and fabricated such that all the performance specifications are achieved to meet the mission through proper and sufficient testing.
  • To ensure early detection of problems that could result in performance deviation and to implement effective corrective actions.

In order to achieve the objectives, reliability and quality assurance programme involves following activities:

  • Qualification and testing of EEE (Electrical, Electronics and Electro-Mechanical) parts.
  • Radiation characterization of electronic components & materials.
  • Qualification of electronic, mechanical, chemical and optical fabrication processes.
  • Characterisation of electronic & mechanical fabrication materials.
  • Reliability engineering analysis.
  • Conducting effective testing and evaluation of all electronic, mechanical, optical sub-systems, payloads and in-orbit characterization.
  • Failure Analysis of electronic components & mechanical parts.
  • Surveillance during assembly, alignment and compatibility checks.
  • Quality Audit of hardware as well as facilities involved in fabrication, assembly and testing of onboard electronic components, mechanical parts, plating processes of subsystems and systems.
  • Quality assurance of procurement and use of special components such as Optical assemblies, Electro-optical detectors and Atomic Clocks.
  • Assuring the quality of Software, FPGAs and ASICs.
  • Certification of personnel for Hi-Rel fabrication.
  • Vendor evaluation for realisation of various subsystems.
  • Indigenisation of microwave components, materials and processes.