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Electronics Quality Assurance

Technical proficiency for all quality and reliability aspects related to the electronic parts and fabrication processes used for realization of electronic systems/subsystems are available. QA activities related to PCB layout design, component selection, screening, storage in bonded stores and payload integration in a clean room are performed. The ultimate goal is to assure quality of electronic components and ensure required quality during fabrication and assembly processes through reviews, inspection, evaluation and qualification as per ISRO methodology to achieve the space-flight and ground hardware reliability. Broad areas include:

  • Qualification and screening (including characterization) of all electronic components.
  • Construction & Failure Analysis of Electronic components.
  • Quality assurance activities related to mixed signal ASIC, as well as back-end design of digital ASIC and FPGA for onboard applications.
  • Radiation requirement definition and radiation characterization of electronics components.
  • Qualification of electronics fabrication processes like bare PCB fabrication, MIC fabrication, SAW Device fabrication, PCB wiring and assembly, conformal coating, local potting, radiation shielding etc.
  • Certification of personnel for HI-Rel electronics fabrication.
  • Quality Audit (electronics) of facilities involved in fabrication, assembly and testing of onboard electronic components, subsystems and systems.
  • On-line quality control (electronics) of activities related to PCB/MIC layout design, package assembly and payload integration.