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Mechanical/Chemical Quality Assurance

Technical proficiency for quality and reliability aspects in mechanical domain is available. It ensures quality of parts, material and processes used in payload subsystems by carrying out Design/Drawing Reviews & its approval, Material selection & testing, Qualification of Chemical & Mechanical fabrication Processes, Lot acceptance testing, Vendor evaluation, Audit Inspection, Assembly inspection including T&E certification for subsystem, surveillance during T & E, Handling, storage and transportation quality assurance. Broad areas include:

  • Qualification and screening(including characterization) of all electronics & mechanical materials & parts.
  • Traceability marking/identification for complete fabrication sequence/development.
  • Construction & failure analysis of mechanical parts /packages by simulation.
  • Vendor development & qualification of surface treatment, plating/thermal paint, etc for onboard applications.
  • Qualification of plated processes for space use.
  • Vendor development & qualification of mechanical fabrication processes like TIG welding, wave guide fabrication and clinching.
  • Quality audit of parts, materials, surface treatment & mechanical fabrication/assembly processes & facilities.
  • Vibration test surveillance for onboard electronic packages-subsystems and payloads.
  • Plating thickness& micro hardness measurement of plating processes.