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Vendor Registration

  • To participate in ISRO’s tenders through e-procurement mode, Vendors are requested to register themselves with ISRO’s e-procurement portal (Vendor registration process). The pre-requisites required for Vendor registration is Digital Certificate and Company email id for the authorized person. The Vendor registration process consists of 2 major steps namely, Registration and Empanelment.
  • For Public Tenders, registration process is mandatory. But Vendor empanelment is not necessary.
  • For Single Tenders/Limited Tenders, registration process and empanelment both are required.
  • The Vendor empanelment process with respect to Centres/Units of ISRO/DOS is based on the empanelled requests made by the Vendor on the portal and followed by the approval process. Vendor’s have to make empanelment request against specific items in which they are dealing in, as available on the site
  • The Tender enquiry for Limited Tender/Single Tender will be released from the list of empanelled Vendors of the particular Centres/Units of ISRO/DOS. Hence, it is required to get empanelled with Centres/Units of ISRO/DOS separately by the Vendors to obtain the enquiry from the respective Centres.
  • A log-in to ISRO’s e-procurement portal is through a Digital Certificate. The portal is published with pre-requisites and enrollment information and illustrative tutorials on Machine set-up, Vendor registration, Item Empanelment, Tender downloads and Bid Submission. A remote Help Desk is also provided to assist the Vendors and the contact details about Help Desk is provided in the portal. The portal can be accessed using Internet Explorer Version 6 and above from the Vendor (clients) computer system over the Internet. A few utilities which are required to be installed in the client computer system before using the portal are also suggested in the portal.
  • It is requested that Vendors may start the registration process with a valid Digital Certificate only to avoid any inconveniences to the Vendors. Vendors are requested to adhere to the guidelines provided in the e-procurement portal for successful registration and empanelment process.

The registration for Indian and foreign vendors are different. Please read carefully the instructions and then proceed to ISRO's e-procurement portal.

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