Space Applications Centre

Visitor Information

  • SAC main campus is located Ambawadi Vistar in the western part of Ahmedabad city (12 km from railway station and 20 km from airport). SAC is more popularly known as 'ISRO'. The other campus of SAC is at Bopal (20 km from railway station and 28 km from airport). Bopal campus is approx. 8 km west from main campus.
  • SAC Guest House is located in the SAC Main campus and Bopal campus.
  • Being a restricted area, prior permission is required to enter SAC. Mobile phones, camera, laptop, pen drive and any other electronic gadget are not permitted inside.
  • However, there are no restrictions to enter to co-located Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition which is kept open for general public and in particular for student community to increase awareness about space programme of ISRO/DOS.