Space Applications Centre

Green Initiatives

SAC has always been close to the nature and conscious for the environment around it. The main campus sits on a hilly terrain (Jodhpur tekra) having 83 acres of land full of greenery and various species of birds & animals. Two more campuses (19 acres & 39 acres ) of SAC are at Bopal. The beautiful part of the development of all SAC campuses is, all these natures gifts are preserved through the decades. The trees along with the animals & birds live in harmony & peace with the human society. One can see here peacocks walking fearlessly & with confidence over the road along with humans and vehicles standing still and waiting patiently to give them a way to pass.

SAC WON THE TIMES OF INDIA GREEN WARRIOR AWARDS- 2015 Construction and Maintenance Group (CMG) is primarily the custodian of this natures endowment. CMG is responsible for the planning and execution of infrastructure like clean rooms, labs, offices, roads, landscaping evolving civil / electrical/ mechanical/ architecture/ horticulture & housekeeping works and maintenance. The campus is more than 40yrs young and submerged in the green lawns, trees, plants & topiaries.

Green cover: There are 6750 Nos. grown trees of different species in SAC Campus and around 5000 Nos. trees in four housing colonies and Bopal campus in addition to landscaped areas which maintain the green cover 350 nos of new fruit / flower bearing trees have been planted by SAC employees around buildings under a novel initiative taken by Director SAC. These trees are co-opted by the employees and they individually take care of them. Composting pits are developed to recycle the garden waste for production of organic in-house compost . Due to this, Inorganic fertilizer is not required for the gardening purpose.SAC has sewage treatment plants and 2.40 lakh litres of treated effluent water per day from STP's is used for gardening purpose. To sustain the biodiversity at SAC Bird bath & Bird feed are placed at identified locations.

The power factor at SAC sub-station for SAC Campuses has been improved to 0.99 and provided capacitor bank near to load point to save energy. 250 KWP solar power plants have been installed to use renewable energy. Conventional light fixtures are replaced by energy efficient light fixtures (like electronic ballast, LED, CFL lamps etc). All new electronic appliances (like AC units, water cooler, geyser, fridges etc.) are 5 star rated for energy conservation. CFC free green refrigerant gas based AC plants, AC units, water coolers, refrigerators, deep freezers etc. only are used. Water cooled AC plant are being replaced with air cooled AC plants to minimize use of portable water.

Aerated fly ash based autoclaved concrete blocks masonry wall are being adopted in new constructions.Low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient glass for structural glazing/ windows are being used to reduce the heat load on AC inside building. Pergola/shading devices are planned according to the direction of sun. Low flow bathroom fixtures , motion sensor in the washrooms are being implemented. Low Volatile Organic Compound paint is used for painting of the buildings. Maximum use of daylight and natural ventilation by providing ventilator at roof level/ structural glazing/ Sun Tunnel / pipe lights and wind turbos are extensively used.

Rain water harvesting (through roof top, storm water, recharge wells, etc.) for all the campuses. New campus at Bopal is being planned to have recharge of water to ground to the tune of 90% of total water to be consumed. Conservation and preservation of top soil for vegetation during construction.

SAC does not produce any type of pollutants may it be air, water or noise pollution. An efficient waste management system is adopted. Recyclable solid waste is separated and disposed safely. Organic canteen waste is disposed of through safe mode i.e. AMC. Leaves and other garden waste and solid waste from STP is being used for making manure. Solar street lights have been installed in SAC campus. Solar cooker has been installed in Antrix nagar colony for cooking in CISF mess facility.