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Industry Collaboration
The space programme in India is witnessing an increase in the number of missions. Towards achieving shorter turnaround time for realising these missions, ISRO has been encouraging wider participation of the industries through technology transfer, technology utilisation, industry cooperation and vendor development. This has started giving rich benefits to SAC/ISRO, in terms of industry significantly contributing in all the spheres of space endeavours in the country.

Indian space industry, over the past several years, has made significant foray in the field of telecommunications, broadcasting, remote sensing and applications of space technology i.e. tele-medicine and tele-education.

Association of more than 300 small, medium and large scale industries with SAC is a result of gradual nurturing of industry partnership over the past years. Active cooperation in the form of know-how transfers, technical consultancy and vendor development has enabled SAC to meet the increasing challenges in realising the payloads.
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