Space Applications Centre

Communication and Navigation Payloads
SAC is leading centre for design and development of payloads for communication and navigation satellites. The first experimental communication satellite of India, 'APPLE' was designed, fabricated and qualified at SAC. It was launched onboard the first experimental flight of the Arian. Since then centre has developed strong competence in design and development of communication payloads. Satellite Communication payloads consists of transponders. Transponders for INSAT and GSAT series of satellites are designed in various bands of UHF, L, S, C, Ext. C, Ku and Ka bands. The Geo Stationary Satellite (GSAT) is the operational series of communications satellites which provides fixed satellite services for Indian civilian use. SAC designs and develops the various subsystems of a communications transponder.


The Satellite Navigation Payloads are aboard Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). IRNSS envisages establishment of regional navigation system using a combination of GEO and GSO spacecrafts. The IRNSS system is expected to provide position accuracy better than 20m over India and region extending about 1500 Km around India. IRNSS system is now called 'NAVIC' an acronym of NAVigation using Indian Constellation.


The centre also has expertise in design and development of onboard antenna systems in different bands of the spectrum. For future missions, SAC has set sight on advanced technologies like high power SSPAs and output filters, reconfigurable high throughput satellites, multiport amplifiers for power reconfiguration, multi beam satellite with higher number of beams, unfurlable and reconfigurable antenna etc.