Space Applications Centre

Earth Observation Payloads
After inception of SAC, soon the payloads development for Bhaskara 1 and 2 started taking place. Bhaskara-1 was a small satellite, weighing about 450 kg, compared to the later IRS spacecraft, and it carried two TV cameras operating in the red and near infrared spectral regions. Both the spacecraft were spin stabilized. The experience gained with the development of these two spacecraft as well as the processing of the data received was valuable in the development of future satellites. Since then SAC has delivered more than 50 electro-optical and microwave payloads.

Over these decades, SAC has developed expertise in developing multi-platform, multi-spectral, multi-temporal, hyper-spectral, multi-resolution, day and night, and all weather Earth Observation payloads.

The payloads are designed considering the user requirement for wide variety of applications touching the common man like:
  • Ensuring Food Security
  • Ensuring Water Security
  • Sustaining Environment and Ecosystem
  • Natural Resources Census
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Support to Smart Governance
  • Weather Forecasting