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The world is witnessing an exponential growth of technology in every domain of life. It is of utmost importance for any organisation to keep itself abreast with the latest and futuristic technical advancements. The research and development is the engine for futuristic technical advancement.

RESPOND at SAC is implemented under the umbrella of ISRO RESPOND Programme and caters to specific research topics pertaining to SAC activities related to payload development, data processing and applications in the areas of SATCOM, SATNAV Remote Sensing. The program is running at SAC with the continuous support of Academic Institutions geographically located throughout India. Esteemed Institutes/Universities like IITs, NITs, IISc, Central Universities, NIAS, VIT, CEPT University, DA-IICT, Nirma University etc. have participated in the RESPOND Programme at SAC. The programme at SAC has evolved into a dynamic & responsive face of RESPOND and contributes significantly to ISRO programme on Sponsored Research. The Academia in India having vast and growing network of Universities/Institutes has contributed in many ways to research activities related to Space and has much greater potential for contribution.

With the proactive approach for research solicitation, fourteen Interest Exploration Meetings (IEM) were held at Ahmedabad (2005), Shillong/Patna (2006), Allahabad (2008), Dehradun (2009), Srinagar (2009), Jodhpur (2011), Bhopal (March 2012), Aizawl-Mizoram (July 2012), BISAC, Gandhinagar (January 2014), GTU, Ahmedabad (November 2014), Tamil Nadu (September 2016), Jharkhand (March 2017), Odisha (March 2017) and Maharashtra (July 2019). The IEMs resulted in a well-distributed geographical spread of the ongoing RESPOND projects in East, North-East, North, North-West, West and Central regions of the country. The ongoing RESPOND/STC projects are reviewed at SAC every year along with potential new RESPOND/STC proposals. The completed RESPOND projects are evaluated post completion and cluster wise impact assessment is also carried out.

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