Workshop Themes

Following are the major topics envisaged for the workshop:

  • Ecosystem Dynamics :
  • This includes monitoring changes in ecosystem structure and biomass in Indian region; agriculture biomass and crop monitoring; forest biomass estimation, biomass change and carbon sequestration monitoring; mangroves and wetlands characterization; alpine forest characterization and delineation of tree-line ecotone.

  • Land Surface Deformation
  • This includes measurement of deformation due to co-seismic and inter-seismic activities; landslides; land subsidence and volcanic deformation.

  • Cryosphere studies :
  • This include measurements of dynamics of polar ice sheet-ice shelf-glacier; sea-ice types, thickness and motion; land ice velocity and ice discharge to the ocean; Himalayan snow and glacier dynamics.

  • Oceanography :
  • This includes retrieval of ocean physical parameters such as surface wind, wave spectra; coastal bathymetry; detection of sub-meso scale features like eddies, fronts; identification of upwelling zones; ship detection.

  • Coastal Process Monitoring :
  • This includes understanding of the coastal erosion processes through the study of near-shore dynamics and coastal subsidence; assessment of coastal vulnerability to sea-level rise and shore-line change.

  • Geological studies :
  • This includes mapping of structural and lithological features; lineaments and paleo-channels; geo-morphological mapping.

  • Disaster Management :
  • This includes mapping and monitoring of floods, forest fires, oil spills, earthquake induced damages and monitoring of extreme weather events such as cyclones.

  • SAR calibration Validation techniques :
  • This includes development of radar system transfer functions by deployment of suitable external point targets like Corner Reflectors with known scattering properties over homogeneous background.

  • Tools for SAR data processing /analysis
  • SAR Data Simulation Techniques