Technical Facilities
Electronics Facility

Electronics support facilities have strongly established themselves to serve the SAC current requirements as well as to meet the future technological needs. It is responsible for carrying out all the electronics engineering related support services including operations/maintenance of related fabrications and test facilities. It also carries out formulation of design concepts, actual design, fabrication and characterisation of sub-systems for various communications and earth observation payloads.

  • Microelectronics Facility
  • PCB Fabrication Facility
  • Surface Treatment and Thermal Painting Facility

Mechanical Facility

Mechanical Support facilities in SAC carries out realization, testing and delivery of mechanical systems for communication, navigation and remote sensing activities and also the ground based systems and antenna. It also carries out all the mechanical engineering related internal as well as external fabrication through work order contracts thereby maintaining rigourous quality aspects. SAC is looking for technically competent partners who are ready to take up challenging jobs and are equipped with latest Machine Tool Room and measuring instruments.

  • Mechanical Fabrication Facility
  • QC and Metrology Facility
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis Facility

Precision Fitting and Assembly Lab

Lab for Component Fabrication from Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Helicoil Insertion Unit

Clinching Machine

4 Roll Sheet Metal Roll Bending Machine

Waveguide Twisting and Bending Units

Hydraulic Auto Tapping Machine

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

MicrotapGmbH, Torque Controlled Drive