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Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU)

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Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU) is an Unit of ISRO which directly connects with the common people of India. The work of DECU spans the following areas:

Satellite Communication Ground Systems
DECU has implemented countrywide Satellite Communication Ground systems for various societal applications in service of the common man. It promotes use of space technology in solving real issues faced by the society and contribute to overall National Development. The systems implemented by DECU have been benefitting the populace in rural and remote regions of the country.

Telemedicine (TM) Network
Most of India resides in rural areas while, the Doctors are mostly available in urban areas. ISRO recognized this and envisaged to fill this gap using Space Technology. This is a VSAT network operating in Ext-C band. It connects and brings medical benefits to the underserved patients in the remote regions by connecting them to various super specialty hospitals via communication satellites. DECU runs and maintains this network. DECU is also working very closely with other Central Ministries like Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of AYUSH and some more users to further expand this network.

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Virender Kumar
Director, DECU

Tele-Education (TE) Networks
Just like Doctors there is a scarcity of teachers in the various regions. These VSAT networks have been in existence since many years and constantly strive to bridge this gap. Nearly 80 networks are presently existing in the country with various state bodies/Universities. DECU supports all the users of these networks.

DECU also contributes to other networks related to Village Resource Centres, Disaster Management, etc.

Multimedia Programme Production, Transmission & Training
Multimedia, as the name suggests is a bouquet of various media for a variety of applications and assorted uses. In ISRO, DECU pioneers in employing multimedia techniques for disseminating education, information and knowledge to a wide spectrum of audience, ranging from students to social workers and from doctors to decision makers.

Highly skilled, qualified and talented team of Multimedia Professionals of DECU like producers, writers, programme associates and cameraman, produces multimedia communication ‘packages’ for various missions, events and milestone activities of ISRO.

From conceiving the idea to completion of the project, the team works in harmony to give a definite ‘shape’ to the communication package that normally includes creation of very high quality video programmes, space science related animations, multimedia content for Augmented Reality application, video quickies for exhibitions, various live TV transmissions of ISRO events video & multimedia content support to the communication various network like Edusat and Telemedicine, etc.

DECU also imparts multimedia production trainings to other Government departments and stakeholders of ISRO’s communication networks.

Social Research & Evaluation
Social science research is an integral part of different projects and activities of DECU. It is essential to conduct research at formative, process and summative stages of all societal applications space-based projects like Tele-Education, Telemedicine, VRC, Disaster Management, Fishery Forecast, etc.

Ascertaining the needs, problems and aspirations of the people is a very important activity which helps in tailoring an application of Space technology and translating people’s requirements into technological possibilities and application of technology for societal development. Continuous feedback from various stakeholders, regular monitoring of the system and utilisation study of the network help in mid-term corrections. Also, as the familiarity of the users increase they will be able to provide more useful inputs to the technologists, which will help in corrective measures.

The social research team not only does need assessment and feedback studies but actively engages with the populace to evaluate the impact of the technology deployed for society by ISRO. The information gathered is fed into system design and necessary changes are made if so required.

DECU organisation chart
DECU Organisation Chart
(PPEG - Programme Planning & Evaluation Group, SMTG - SATCOM & Multimedia Technology Group, MPPG - Multimedia Programme Production Group)

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