The objective of the portal is to provide opportunities for technology transfer/ consultancy between Space Applications Centre (SAC) and private/ public/ MSME sector industries with the objective of faster industrial growth. It is a gateway for public/private enterprises to contribute towards the Indian space programme.


Traditionally, ISRO forged a strong relationship with a large number of industrial enterprises, both in public and private sector to implement its space projects. This strategy has resulted in diffusing the state of the art technologies, which are developed for the space projects into indian industry.


The primary objective in the transfer and dissemination of government generated know how to industry and other sectors is the speedy growth of the industry. It is incumbent on ISRO to effect maximum technology



DOS/ISRO has deployed its e-procurement portal for carrying out procurement activities. Vendors are invited to register themselves on e-procurement portal to view/ respond to e-tenders of SAC/ISRO.


Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai

Technology is not an objective to be aimed at, but a tool to be used for the benefit of the common man.

Prof. Satish Dhawan

Science makes it possible to dream of new worlds. Technology makes it possible to achieve the dream on earth itself.