Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE)

Working Days and Timing: The Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE) is a permanent exhibition of SAC, inaugurated by Dr. K. KASTURIRANGAN, the then Chairman ISRO & Secretary Dept. of Space, on  August 11, 2000;displaying research and development activities related to space technology, space sciences and applications, particularly related to the task undertaken SAC and in general for ISRO. Students and teachers are particularly encouraged to visit the exhibition for getting acquainted with the space technology and applications. Nearly 15000 visitors are taking advantage every year. Various working models, more than thirty static models of satellites and launch vehicles ,about seventy panels in Gujarati and English language  are displayed here which explain following.

1)    Panels about SPACE, ISRO organization chart, Remote Sensing Satellites and applications, Communication Satellites and applications, Inter planetary mission-Chandrayaan-1, about Vikram Sarabhai, concept of basic internet, telemedicine, search & rescue system, Launch vehicles etc.

2)    Static models of Communication satellites, Remote sensing satellites and Chandrayaan-1, Satellite on board camera (LISS-II) and Launch Vehicles.

3)    A video documentary is being screened on various achievements and activities of ISRO like Chandrayaan /PSLV/GSLV/SRE/RISAT-1/GAGAN/IIST etc.

4)    Demonstration of BHUVAN website, the Geoportal of ISRO. Bhuvan is a gateway to Indian Earth Observation Data products & Services.

Working Days and Timing: Monday to Friday (except Govt. holidays) from 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs. (Saturdays and Sundays are holidays)

Visitors may note that at least one hour is required to see the exhibition.

Exhibition is situated in the SAC campus however the entry to the exhibition is thought separate gate which is just opposite to Bhavnirzar temple Dom and it is at the peak of the Tekra/slope.


Entry is free to this exhibition


Plan your visit: Individuals/ families can come any time during the working hours. Schools/Colleges are requested to write/talk to In-charge for fixing mutual convenient date of visit and same time you may fill the visit request form. At the time of visit bring hard copy of the mail.


Download visit request form


Contact :  H B Pandya- Sci/Engr. SF & In-charge VSSE

Tele Phone No: +91-79-26914042    

Fax No: +91-79-26915817             



Students in the exhibition



Visiting students in the VSSE premises


Following special functions/ Celebration are organized during the year at VSSE:


National Science day on February 28

Nation pays tribute and express gratitude to Bharat Ratna Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman (1888-1970) and to all the scientists on this day for their genius and dedication. Every year national science day is celebrated on 28th February to honour our Nobel laureate Sir CV Raman for his invention of Raman Effect on this day through this experiment on scattering of light. Sir Raman was the first Asian and first non-white to get any Nobel Prize in science.


National Technology Day on May 11

National Technology Day is a very special day for Indian Technology since 1999. It is so significant because India achieved a huge technological advancement on the day. The first, indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore on this day. Not only this, India also performed successful test firing of the Trishul missile on the same day. India also executed three successful nuclear tests, carried out at Pokhran, in Rajasthan May 11.


World Space Week celebration during October 4th – 10th

Space Applications Centre (SAC) has been celebrating the World Space Week (4-10 October); in order to popularize the contribution of ISRO/DOS in space research, technology and its applications, for the general public and the student community, in particular.


On these celebration occasions following program is schedule by VSSE for general public:

1)    The exhibition will remain open from 10:00 to 17:00m Hrs.

2)    The screening of various videos will be through out the day.

3)    A face to face with scientist program is arranged on specified time. The scientist of SAC (ISRO) will talk to public specially students and reply their questions related to space science and Indian space programme.



Photograph of face to face meet with scientists


Mobile Exhibition: VSSE provides mobile exhibition to School/College or any other organization who are interested to propagate Science activity in to mainly remote, district places or during science and technology fairs once in a quarter. VSSE displays models of satellite, Rocket along with panels in Gujarati and English language which describes ISRO activities. Interested institute may contact In-charge,VSSE.

Photographs of mobile exhibition taken to various schools are given below.