Human Resource Development

Human resource is a vital resource for any organisation, particularly in R & D organisation like ISRO. Human Resource Development is a process involving training, learning and development of employees for achieving the objectives of the organisation. Development of this vital resource is of prime concern at SAC. It has three-fold objectives: Competency Development, Motivation and Career Development.
The activities undertaken are :
Identify the needs and areas for of various types of training for SAC personnel.
Organising various in-house training programmes at SAC.
Organising ISRO Induction Training Programme (IITP) for new entrants.
Nominating staff for various Training programmes outside SAC.
Counseling staff for their development.
Organising various lectures on topics of general scientific interest under SAC lecture series.
Disseminating information regarding various courses, symposia, conferences, seminars.
Facilitating in-plant training of students from various institutes of the country. About 250 students of BE/BTECH, ME/MECH in addition to a few PHD students undergo project training in different periods at SAC.
Encouraging  staff to go for higher studies and paper presentation /publication at different platforms.
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